Jeevitha Rajasekhar Leaks Sri Reddy’s Video, blasts on media and social activist Sandhya

April 18, 2018

Sri Reddy controversy has taken a new turn as veteran actor Jeevitha Rajasekhar made a shocking revelation. Recently she held a press meeting where she spoke openly about the allegations Sri Reddy made on Telugu actors, filmmakers and the industry in general. While addressing the media, she said that she couldn’t understand what Sri was trying to prove by coming out open, leaking private chats she has had with people, talking about casting couch and sexual exploitation of women in Telugu film industry.

Jeevitha Rajasekhar said, “If you got cheated once, it’s cheating. If you got cheated twice, okay we will agree. But how come you say you got cheated for all the ten years? Is there truth in that allegation?”

Jeevitha Rajasekhar further said, “I want to know what is it that the Telugu Film Industry has not given to her (Sri Reddy), that she is going about defaming the entire industry?” She also showed a personal video shot by the actress and uploaded that on Facebook, in which Sri saying, “that she will be in a sexy mood 24*7.”

Watch the video from the press meet:

Jeevitha said, she wants the media and people to know the real side of her. Jeevitha also put the boot in at social activist POW Sandhya over allegations that Jeevitha used to supply hostel girls for husband Rajasekhar to quench  his sexual urge. She then asked Sandhya to come out with proof before making such an accusation and threatened her of filing a defamation suit. In reply Sandhya has said that she is not afraid of legal action since she has all the needed proofs for all the allegations she made against Rajasekhar. Jeevitha then claimed the media to follow ethics rather crying loud for sensationalism.

The Sri Reddy leak controversy is getting uglier day by day and after Jeevitha’s statement, it’s hard to predict where it will move in coming days.

By: Anurag Panchal

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