Is Brain Computer Interface Boon or Bane?

January 18, 2018

The Reality of Brain Computer Interface

The technology is leaping the all the boundaries of imagination day by day. If you look back ten years ago, you will notice that the science has evolved such technologies that you cannot even think about in that era. With the advancement in technology, brain-computer interface technology has also evolved, which is collaboration between brain and computers or any other device, which enables signals from the brain to do certain external activity. It could be anything from controlling cursor to prosthetic limb. The interface allows you to directly control things with the help of your mind through the help of direct pathway. Whatever be the object, it can be controlled directly by your brain.

If suppose you want to control cursor then a signal is transmitted from the brain to the mechanism, which then manages the cursor. Instead of taking the normal route from the neuromuscular system of body to the finger on a mouse, signal is transmitted to the mechanism.

Advantages of Brain-computer interface technology

  • Brain-computer interface technology reduces the delay between deciding to move the mouse, moving it and then your cursor gets moved. Although the time taken for this mechanism is small but it makes the difference in certain time-sensitive applications like in military uses, computer games etc. It must know what you are thinking before you do. The technology is capable of identifying the electrical neural patterns as a thought before the pattern has fully converted in to a mindful feeling or a command.
  • Brain-computer interface technology is something that can be greatly helping disabled people or paralyzed people. The technology has great potential to control things without using hands. It can be used by people whose hands are just occupied in some other work.

Disadvantages of Brain-computer interface technology

  • The Research of the technology is still in basic level. Some scientists and researchers even believe that BCI will remain in at fairly basic level if we consider the complexity of mind.
  • At present, Brain-computer interface technology is literally imprecise in terms of classifying neural activity.
  • Brain-computer interface technology has a limited ability to read brain signals hence only limited functions can be controlled.
  • Reading inner thoughts of people comes with a huge amount of moral issues.
  • Small surgery is required to place it under the skull.

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