Intrasoft Tech Aims To Grow At 25-30%

March 17, 2018

Technical analysts are betting big on Intrasoft Technologies. Various veteran analysts have initiated coverage on the stocks with a buy rating. It is expected that the target price will be Rs 1555 on the stock in 18 months. The MD of Infrasoft Technologies spoke about the outlook for the company going forward.

The MD of the company also stated that their investments in technology have started to pay off. The previous growth rate of the company was in range of 25-30 percent. Now it is possible that it may go forward as well. Nevertheless, the competition with various other companies will remain a challenge.

He also explained that the retail is a topline game. It is believed that the more topline you achieve, the better negotiating power company has with vendors. However, since the company will have to continue to invest in tech and hire experts, so there might be some pressure on EBITDA and margins going forward.

He went on saying that they have a very strong brand name and most vendors are dependent on them. Recently, the company is offering various services to e-commerce players like Amazon, eBay etc.

Approximately 70 percent of their revenue is generated from Amazon.  It was also informed that the company also generates free cash flow.

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