India’s new high-tech Laser Perimeter Security Fencing

January 19, 2018

Soon, India will be integrating laser fencing at India-Pakistan border. India has exposed new technology of smart laser fence

Since India felt the offensive pressure from the neighboring country, Pakistan; hence smart laser perimeter fence is being set up across the Radcliffe line. Initially, India took a decision to install the laser fence by covering only 198 kilometers at the border in Jammu and Kashmir.

Advantages of Laser Perimeter Fencing

One of the major advantages of deploying Laser Security Fence technique is that it allows people to detect an intrusion even before it has taken full affect. Laser fencing allows you to know about the intruder before they break into the inviolability of your premises.

The idea of Laser security fence is not eminent concept but now the Indian Army will be using all the latest technologies at the perimeters. With the installation of laser fence, one can ensure maximum security at the borders.

Main Objective of having Laser Fence

The laser perimeter fence in India offers groundbreaking security by protecting all types of intrusions. As and when the angle of scanner is set on the fence then the laser scanner can easily detect all the attempts of intruder, whether it is climbing over the top of fence or crawling at the bottom. Significant advantage of laser fence also includes detection of people hanging around the property as it carefully scans the area on the basis of real time.

Important Features of Laser Security Fence

Technology has given number of products for laser fencing to Indian Force. The significant features of these products are shown below:

  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • 30m radius for 190 degrees range
  • Unique detection algorithm
  • Automatic area setting functionality
  • Form C master alarm output
  • Environmental disqualification circuit

These features allow the users to keep their properties safe and secure from outsiders. The technological advancement has helped India in equipping country with the latest and modernized tools.


Laser Fence can be installed horizontally as well as vertically based on the location of installation. However, the available products for laser fencing in India are flexible in their settings and can be deployed in varying conditions.

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