India’s Arching Trajectory to Make Enemy Scared

March 30, 2018

India is a leading way in developing high range missiles. India is one of the fastest growing countries of the world. It is capable of manufacturing intercontinental ballistic missiles that can hit the set target of another continent. The range of the intercontinental ballistic missiles would be more than 10,000 km. The project of this advanced missile is under Defense Research and Development Organization, DRDO.

What does ICBM stand for?

ICBM stands for intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

Few days before, the India has tested nuclear missile of range 5000 km. It was successfully tested and was named Agni V missile.

India is capable of developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile that has a range of 10,000 km. This was announced on the 6th National Conference, which was themed on Emerging Vistas of Technology in 21st century.

Traditionally, the laser technology was imported from USA and UK but later on the import was banned. After the ban on import of components for laser technology, India has started developing laser technology. Soon it became self-reliant.

India adopts synergic approach towards national requirements as well as priorities in the field of weapons. The country primarily focuses on the global advancements to develop capability in imperative areas.

The intercontinental ballistic missile is a guided missile that is created to hit the target by sending nuclear warheads. They could even send other payloads. The Federation of American Scientists have stated that the range of the ICBM lies in between 5,500 km to 16000 kilometers.

Apart from India, the only countries, which are capable of developing the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, are Russia, the United States, and China. These countries are known to posses the land-based ICBMS. However, Israel has also tested the ICBM but no one has the exact information about the deployment as the country has not revealed.

As of now the countries that can launch ICBMs from submarines are US, Russia, United Kingdom, France, India and China.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles have higher pace and range than any other type of ballistic missiles. Some other types of ballistic missiles are intermediate-range ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, short-range ballistic missiles and tactical ballistic missiles.





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