August 1, 2018

Home to the iconic TajMahal, Agra is considered one of the most romantic and incredible places to visit in the country. But if you happen to be a first-time visitor to the region, you may be left confused with what to do and where to go first. So here’s a list of some of the most incredible places to see in Agra to help you with your itinerary when you visit the remarkable city on cheap airfares .



Of course the list cannot possibly start with anything else! A must-see attraction in not just India but the world, the monument of love TajMahal will leave you speechless when you first lay eyes on it. The picture-perfect monument looks straight out of a fairytale giving first-time visitors an out-of-this-world experience when they first see it. Actually a mausoleum built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved late wife MumtazMahal, there is beauty etched in every part of the TajMahal.


Old City

The heart of Agra is best experienced by a visit to the Old City when arriving on cheap last minute flights. Behind the Jama Masjid in the Old City, you will find a remarkable cluster of narrow lanes housing a variety of wares including jewelry, spices, clothes, shoes, and even snack stalls. This is among the best places to visit in Agra near TajMahal where you can shop for some of the most amazing stuff at incredibly cheap rates. Don’t forget to polish your bargaining skills before heading out!


Agra Fort

One of the finest and most magnificent Mughal forts in the country, Agra Fort is an marvelous structure to explore. It used to originally be a brick fort that was controlled by a group of Rajputs. It was then later captured by the Mughals following which it was subsequently rebuilt by Emperor Akbar. There are several stunning attractions you can explore inside such as palaces, mosques, audience halls, courtyards, and towers among other things.


Mughal Heritage Walk

A community based tourism initiative to help villagers earn an income and improve their living conditions. One of the best attractions to explore when visiting on cheap business class flights, the Mughal Heritage Walk offers the best chance to explore the rural part of the region. Taking place on the opposite of the TajMahal, this remarkable walk takes you on a journey to see some stunning monuments and important landmarks.



Also popularly referred to as “The Moonlight Garden,” MemtabhBagh is among the most scenic places to see in Agra. This spectacular Mughal Garden Complex spread over around 25 acres can be seen from across the river banks. It is located exactly opposite the TajMahal and was actually built before the monument itself by Emperor Babur who was the founder of the famed Mughal Empire. Unfortunately, there was a time when it fell into ruins but it has now been beautifully reconstructed.


Sheroes Hangout

This funky, graffiti-filled cafe is among the best places to visit in Agra at night. Tucked away in a neat corner between colorful trinket shops, this is a great place for youngsters to hang out at. What makes this unique is that it’s staffed completely by women who happen to be survivors of horrific acid attacks. Founded by a Delhi-based NGO, it was first opened in the year 2014. The idea behind the cafe was to bring to light this serious issue and to give these survivors confidence to present themselves in public.


Wildlife SOS

An absolute must-visit place if you happen to be an animal lover, Wildlife SOS has set up the Agra Bear Rescue Center on about 160 acres of land sanctioned by the Uttar Pradesh government. Visit this incredible place to look at some of the most amazing wildlife which includes rescued and rehabilitated sloth bears. Open from sunrise to sunset, this awesome facility is among the most interesting places to explore in Agra.


There are many more attractions and places to visit in Agra apart from the ones mentioned above which you can enjoy exploring on your trip to the city. So hurry! Put hesitation aside and make plans to travel to this incredible region this vacation.


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