If Earth Stops Rotation Then What Will Happen Next?

February 12, 2018

Earth Rotation is slowing down as there is a transfer of Earth’s rotational momentum to the Moon’s orbital momentum as tidal friction slows the Earth’s rotation. Scientists have stated that increase in the Moon’s speed is causing it to slowly recede from Earth increasing its orbital period and the length of a month as well.

To illustrate what is happening in the universe, let us consider an example that you are riding a bicycle on a track built around a Merry-go-Round. In this case, you are riding your bicycle in the same direction to that of the Merry-go-Round is turning. Now, suppose, you tie yourself with the help of a rope to one of the horse, then, in that case, you would gain speed and the Merry-Go-Round would lose some.

Here, in this example, you are acting like Moon; the Merry-Go-Round is the rotating Earth. Your rope is the gravity that connects moon and earth. Here, gain in speed results in a higher orbit, in orbital mechanics.

Effects of Slowing in the Earth Rotation

When the earth rotates slowly then it causes longer day as well as a longer month. It is believed that when the length of a day equals the length of a month, then the tidal friction mechanism will cease. In the given example, when your speed on the track matches the speed of the horses, you cannot gain any more speed.

What Will Happen If the Earth Stops Rotating?

When the Earth will stop spinning then the most of our planet would rapidly become very inhospitable. Many planets would continuously face the heat of the Sun and remain will face the cold of space.

However, between the hot and cold halves, life will continue in a narrow twilight zone. This zone will slowly creep around the planet over the period of a year since the Earth did its annual orbit around the Sun.

When the earth will stop rotating then during this period, the researchers say that major earthquakes will take place, which will be more than that of the magnitude of 7. This will happen with much greater frequency.

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