How Vijay Shekhar Sharma Won the World – Success Story of Paytm Owner

February 2, 2018

When we talk about incredible success then the name of a young entrepreneur that strikes into one’s mind is the name of a person who changed the mindset of millions of Indians around the corners of our country. He is Vijay Shekhar Sharma who made tremendous changes in the business world of India. He owns a company whose name is Paytm that changed the lifestyle of a common man. The turnover for the year 2016 is 3 billion US Dollars in the market. But it was not easy for him to reach the milestone of success.

Nowadays Paytm is the household name for easy transactions. At the initial days of his schooling, he faced many problems because his medium was Hindi but he decided that to be active in this world English is the best medium to learn and earn. He mastered English and made a remarkable achievement in the field of the financial world.

The Technology of this world has inspired him a lot and therefore he decided to follow Sabeer Bhatia. This inspiration motivated him to lead his life towards success. With the help of classmates he opened his own company but before that, he used to work in MNC and later on quit his job within six months due to his future aspirations. It was quite unfortunate that the friends on whom he trusted left him alone as his company was bankrupt. Even though he never loses his heart and began to walk on long distances and sometimes skipped meals also to meet the deadlines and decided to revive himself from heavy debts with proper planning.

He started with one 97 company that set the incredible features for a consumer to satisfy his financial needs. It acts as an easy method to choose transactions. PTM (Pay through Mobile) became the next best thing for start-up campaigns in India.

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