August 1, 2018

Working as a freelancer, from the comfort of your home, without having to reach your office in time every day, no added expenditure on looking good every single day of the week, no fancy luncheons to break the mid-week stress or for the sake of meeting a client, and you do not have to wait five days for the weekend. This is exactly how freelancing sounds to the majority of the people. However, in all actuality, freelancing work, regardless of the nature of work, is poles apart from what you just read or had been assuming it to be like.

Thanks to the internet and laptops, it has made almost everyone of us and every job the tendency to work remotely. While some business and freelancers are operational totally online, there are some who are partially working online because their nature of business cannot be turned into online completely. Traditionally, it has always been, writing jobs on the top of freelancing job charts all across the world. Nevertheless, today, with the evolution and emergence of digital media which have brought everything at the length of our arm, you name it, there are countless jobs that are now available and being successfully executed as a freelance jobs. If you are wondering or planning to work as a freelancer and looking for an idea, let me make it easier for you by sharing the list of freelancing jobs.

So, here is the list of all the popular freelancing jobs:

Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Researching, Copy Writing, Reporting, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Photography, Videography , Teaching or Tutoring, Graphics and Website designing, Musician, Author/Ghostwriter, Interpreter, Tour Guide, Filmmaker, YouTube Star, Volunteer, NGO worker, Yoga Instructor, Call Center jobs,website design, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Marketing and PR – you name it, job natures are not anymore dependent on offices and employers. As a freelancer, you have the option to work for an employer or remain self-employed or start your own agency which offers any of the above-mentioned services to multiple clients and gives you more revenue than you can generate by working alone.

What to expect?

When you are planning to start your work as a freelancer or if you are new in this direction, like every other field, there are some challenges that must be encountered,well on time, in order to survive and shine. Freelancing demands patience along with every hurdle that comes your way. This is not that bed of roses what you might have assumed, freelance is a revenue generating work. Before you dive into any field, you should interview the ones who successfully survived in this business, so you can easily pick something inspirational from them.

Unfortunately, we come across naysayers more commonly as compared to anyone who encourages us and helps us focus on solutions instead of looking at problems only. I will be enlisting the possible and most common challenges with some potential solutions.However, the intention is not to scare you but to mentally prepare you; on what to expect,plus, you won’t get shocked if or whenever you come across any of the challenges and would be in a better frame of mind and capacity to deal with them than those who were unaware in advance and could not cope up with the challenges; regardless of the enormous amount of talent and potential in them.

The 7 Common Challenges for a Freelance

#1 – Finding Clients: The topmost challenge that any freelance faces is finding clients. This challenge is not restricted to time, you can face the scarcity of clients’ right after you start or maybe after getting done with a couple of clients. Therefore, finding clients can be a continuous issue for some, even in terms of finding the right amount of clients to meet the expenses or to earn the revenue.

#2 – Time: Freelancers are always running out of time, when they are working on any projects and when they are short of projects; they are struggling with the fact that they are wasting their time and not earning something from it. Time can be, one of the worst nightmares for a freelancer, when they are juggling multiple things too, and it seems you just can’t ever get enough of it.

#3 – Getting Ideas: Either you are a designer, writer, consultant, or agent, whatever the nature of your work may be – there are times for every freelancer when they struggle with inspirations to get an idea on which they can work or the idea for motivation that keeps them going.

#4 – Distractions: Since you are working at your comfort of your home or wherever in this world you would like to, chances are, you might face distractions too, that will divert your attention from work, brainstorming, during meetings or maybe during your sleep which affects your productivity next day. You might schedule a meeting on voice or video call and encounter disturbance in the form of environmental pollution, a family member arriving, friends dropping by, because not everybody understands the responsibilities and deadlines of a freelancer. You will have to manage these circumstances on your own in a graceful manner, so you can emerge as a success story.

#5 – Procrastination: When you are assigned tasks on daily basis and you are your own boss all-the-time, procrastination is bound to happen. You may get sick, not feel like working for a day, stressed out from something personal, or anything that affects your productivity and not letting you constructively meet the deadlines. This is typically when, procrastinations take place, you delay your task and you keep getting further tasks on top of it, the more the burden, the more difficult it looks to come out of it. The best solution is to never get this happen to you because usually, it becomes a vicious circle.

#6 – Deadlines: There are two types of people; one, who works well and give their best shot when they are under pressure. And, the second type of people, is those who, when face pressures possibly freak out and cannot deliver their best just because they can’t deal with pressure well. Freelancing revolves around deadlines, so, just be prepared and do your best in the given time.

#7 – Boringness: Either you are working as a freelancer or not; same routine, same work, and stagnant place can be draining for some people. And, at times, people find it quite boring. This is also one of the common challenges that come along with freelancing. In order to avoid it, you should keep your self-motivated, make sure your work is the driving force, not anything else. This is how your focus will remain on work and its growth will keep your interested.

The Bottom-line is:

The matter of the fact is, every job, every career, and every goal you decide, anything which requires you to prove something will bring challenges along with it. That is how you learn, grow and shine. The key is to stay determined that you will come out of these challenges; as a survivor not as a victim who surrendered before the circumstances. And, as seen, in most of the cases, the initial grind and struggle are the toughest phases. Freelance work, obviously, is no different than any other business in this world, it has the same rule: work more and get more revenue; success never comes before any of these because success is basically the outcome of all the grind.

In all this process of freelancing, the most frequently overlooked factor is usually the internet. Why? Because the concept of freelancing came into existence with the arrival and accessibility of the internet. This is what actually made the virtual connection between an employee and employer, client and agency, education and students, literally everything that is remotely working today. I had been using Cox Arizona ever since I started working as a fulltime freelancer and it has played a vital role in my journey of survival. I would also recommend you all to get a stable, dependable and reasonably priced internet connection that stays with you even when nothing else works.

You will be needing it like oxygen during your active freelancing days; when you have lined-up the projects, and more assignments and tasks are coming back to back. You will need it for meeting deadlines, discussion calls, meetings with clients or people you are working for, researching, uploading, downloading, inspiration, ideas, submission and what not – therefore, be very vigilant while choosing your internet connection. I hope this heads-up and I-also-face-the-same story of mine helps some freelancers out there.

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