March 9, 2018

We all know that treating pimples and acne with chemical products works faster but is not very good for your skin. So, instead of this approach you can switch to the detox therapies to treat these pimples and their after marks. Following are two of the simplest detox therapies for pimples;

Therapy#1 – Tulsi Green Tea Therapy

Green tea has anti-oxidants which flush out the harmful and impure toxins from your body. And if the impure toxins are removed from your body then your digestive system is cleaner which prevents acne and pimple to appear on the skin. Tulsi green tea is a herbal product and this works great for the skin. It can be taken at any time of the day and the results will be pretty amazing.

Therapy#2 – Cucumber, Mint and Lemon Therapy

The most simplest and yet effective detox therapies for pimples is Cucumber, Mint and Lemon Therapy. This ensures that you have a healthy skin. Cucumber juice also has the power to remove the harmful toxins from your body. Mint improves your digestive system and cools it down. And lemon, as we all know is the best detoxifying agent which also cleanses the liver. Mix all these ingredients and make a juice of it and consume it daily. The shine on your skin will be its clear outcome.




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By: Neha Singh

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