Here Is What Shoaib Ibrahim Replied To People Who Trolled His Wife Dipika and Called Her Fake

October 12, 2018

Day before yesterday, we saw that Dipika took Sreesanth’s name to get eliminated from the show on the basis of performance. With this decision of her’s, even Sreesanth looked surprised. Twitterati too slammed her for her “double standards” and called her tears “fake”.

Dipika Kakar is extremely close to fellow housemates S Sreesanth and considers him brother. Probably which is why it was extremely shocking for the viewers when she took the former cricketer’s name during the mid-week elimination task.

Shoaib wrote a post that defended Dipika on Instagram.

Here is the reply of Shoaib, “Everybody knows that staying away from the family is a tough thing and that too without any communication, and people do understand this thing. It is difficult, not just for dipi but for anyone who has ever been or will be in such a circumstance that they have to stay away from their family without any communication (not even a single text). They are bound to get emotional and it is a very strong trait. But however when it comes to dipi few are saying she is faking it and crying for no reason…why?? Just because she is an actor. So if a person cares for someone, helps someone, is being good to someone and also playing the game with dignity without hurting anyone’s sentiments and emotions, not abusing anyone ..People say, that the person is acting or it is just that she is an actor so she must be acting…..Do actors don’t have emotions?”

He further wrote, “Is it wrong for an actor to care for someone? Is it wrong for an actor to help someone?? Is it wrong for an actor to cry? Is it wrong for an actor to miss her family? One can’t control what others say or thinks …but the people who genuinely know her..Know how an emotional person she is..Like her family, friends and fans. And yes being emotional will definetly make her stronger in the house and also as an individual. just want to say @ms.dipika cry if u want to it will make you stronger and always remember, Me, ur family, friends and fans from all over the world love you for what you are and will always love u the same way.. you are making us proud each and every day.”


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