Here Is Recipe of Perfect Smoothie for Weight Loss

September 4, 2018

Here is super healthy smoothie that contains less than 100 calories and is good for weight loss. The super-healthy drink contains bottle gourd, cucumber, apple and tulsi. All these ingredients are high in fibre and low in calories, making the drink a great pick for an evening mid-meal pick.

Such drink does not look appetizing at all. But it sure packs in a superb nutritious punch with a shockingly low amount of calories.

A 100 gm apple pulp contains just 52 calories, while both bottle gourd and cucumberhave just 15 calories in the same amount of vegetable.

The fruit and the veggies contain loads of fibre and phytonutrients, which are essential to promote satiety and fight inflammation. Moreover, apples, bottle gourd and cucumber have all been known to promote weight loss.

To prepare a healthy drink for weight loss – you need following ingredients;

  • apples,
  • bottle gourd and
  • cucumber

Take all the ingredients together and put it into the grinder.

Grind them properly, until you see a tick juicy paste.

Now you can strain and abstract the juice from the pulp.


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