Here Are Some Expected Names of Android P

February 13, 2018

Soon Android P is expected to come, and the rampant naming speculation begins now.

As we know Android is always named after some desserts, so here we have some speculations about the name of Android P. Following are some desserts name that starts with letter P.

1.    Petite Flour

There is a possibility as Petit fours come in many varieties, both savoury and sweet, reflecting the diversity of the Android ecosystem. They would also make for ideal hors d’oeuvre at whatever launch event takes place for the version.

2.    Pound Cake

This is basically a cake with all the sliders set to their default levels. Simply a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of eggs, and a pound of sugar or any other weight that sticks to that 1:1:1:1 ratio.

3.    Pastille

It is sometimes used for medicinal purposes as well. Pastilles are hard, chewy, gum-like candy, often dusted with sugar. This is easy to envision tiny Android sweets in various colors, and so pastille might be a decent outside bet for Android 9.0.

4.    Popsicle

Android Popsicle would be the first frozen dessert in the pantheon after 2011’s Ice Cream Sandwich. Even though popsicle is commonly recognized in a North America, yet the most of the world is familiar with it.

5.    Pancake

Whether topped with maple syrup, banana, nutella, jelly, bacon or even fried chicken, the humble pancake is a not insignificant achievement of human civilization.

Pancake would be a perfect name as it is a much-loved dish in all its various forms.



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