Health Benefits of Eating Lettuce – Do Not Ignore the Super Powers of Green Vegetables

October 1, 2018

Lettuce is a salad vegetable and eaten around the world. Its leaves are often the primary ingredients in salads of various kinds. These crispy leaves are also indispensable for burgers and sandwiches. Lettuce is a classic salad ingredient, but we cannot even imagine its health benefits.

  1. Low in Calories:A 100 gm serving of lettuce contains a mere 15 calories (according to the United States Department of Agriculture data)! It’s effectively a negative calorie food, which means that the process of digesting lettuce burns more calories than the amount of calories present in the vegetable.
  2. Contains No Cholesterol Or Fat:As is true for most vegetables, lettuce leaves also contain zero cholesterol, and saturated and unsaturated fat.
  3. High Water Content: The water content of iceberg lettuce almost matches that of cucumbers. Lettuce is 96 per cent water by weight! This makes it mildly more filling than other vegetables.
  4. Regulates Blood Sugar: Lettuce contains Lactucaxanthin, which is an anti-diabetic carotenoid, which can successfully prevent spikes or falls in blood sugar levels. Hence, it may be a great addition to a diabetic diet. It also effectively controls cravings and hunger pangs by regulating blood sugar levels.
  5. Improves Immunity:The presence of vitamins A and C in lettuce, make it a great immunity-boosting food as well. Romaine lettuce in particular is rich in essential vitamins and minerals.


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