March 13, 2018

This generation loves to watch the movies that are the complete package of suspense and thrill and Hate Story is the series of thrill genre that shocking twist and turns gathered the public. Earlier parts were never got appraised by the critics, but the Hate Story 4 was slammed the most. The fourth installment was also expecting the same. However, Hate Story 4 is more erotic than thriller, but it manages to draw in the crowds. Hate Story 4 has been firm at the boxoffice and if we believe in the rumours then the movie has successfully grossed Rs 14.66 crore in four days. This movie was made in the budget of Rs 21 crore and it is expected that the movie soon recover its investment.

No doubt Hate Story 4 is not getting appreciation even from the audience. The movie has murder, blackmail, revenge, but these all are working as a filler between the erotic scenes. The dialogues were also too tacky. The movie is completely failed attempt of the makers and, yes the makes proved that they hate- “story”. No wonder that the film couldn’t even break even as of now. The numbers are surprising, but it would not be surprising if it will make its investment.

If we compare the number of Friday and Monday, the slope is not too significant but the challenge here will be staying put for the rest of the day to at least run for a week. It seems quite difficult as the word-of-mouth for the film has been bad. What do you think guys? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

By: Anurag Panchal

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