Great Way of Learning Investment Strategies from Prominent Football Moves

June 23, 2018

These days, FIFA World Cup is hot topic among sports lovers. But If you are an investor as well as sports lover then here you will get to learn four best investment strategies from famous football moves. Best football player has his own signature move. These trademark moves also give some unique portfolio insights. Following are 4 such trademark moves and portfolios insights that can be implemented as investment strategies.

  1. The Cryuff Turn

This move is named after the renowned football player of Dutchman, Johann Cryuff. He is also well known as Flying Dutchman. The player’s trademark move was the sharp about-turn that he would make on the football field confusing his opponents. What makes his move different is that he would execute the turn in a series of different ways that made him absolutely unpredictable to opposite team.

How can you compare with Investment Strategy?

By now, you must have come to know that managing a portfolio is all about two things. One is to be prepared that no two situations are alike. Thus, you must twist your strategy every now and then. Another factor is about flexibility. Thus, to successfully create wealth over the long run, you need to be flexible in your approach while managing your portfolio. With more flexibility, you can adapt macro and micro changes. This will make you stand out of crowd.

3. The Ronaldo Chop

The move is named after Cristiano Ronaldo and is very popular move. This move is all about dribbling the ball with your favourite leg forward and using the inside and the back of the leg to good effect. This move confuses the opponent to great extent. It is all about making the best uses of all available resources in a given situation.

How can you compare with Investment Strategy?

With this move, you get to learn that you must manage your portfolio by making the best use of resources available to you before taking an investment decision. The important factor that you need to keep in mind while managing your portfolio is to do your research, execute and manage risk together. In this field, you not only have to perform well but you also need to perform better than your peers and competitors. Hence, the only way to be successful is by making the optimum utilization of accessible resources and equipment that are available at your end.

  1. The Messi Free Kick

In football, a free kick is not a regular occurrence. There are only few players who can execute the free kick more brutally and with greater precision than Lionel Messi. It is about making the best out of little opportunity and advantage you get.

How can you compare with Investment Strategy?

To manage your portfolio well, you must be able to make best from the few chances and opportunities you get. To create an alpha for your portfolio, you need to capture the golden moment.

1. The Neymar Flick

The last but not the least, Brazilian superstar, Neymar introduced this move. The move is about flicking the ball from above your head and then collecting the ball from the other side with precision. The renowned player, Zidane also used to do it but the number of tricks that Neymar brings to the flick makes him truly incredible.

How can you compare with Investment Strategy?

If you want to know that how can you apply this trick as investment strategy then read this. Being an investment portfolio manager, you must never think along traditional line. You must think out of the box. Always plan in such a way that your technique cannot easily be replicated. Only out-of-the-box ideas can generate alpha on a consistent basis in your portfolio. Being different is the only factor that makes Neymar flick unique from others.

If you follow these four investment strategies then you can beat anyone and everyone. You can be a best portfolio manager with the help of these tips.


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