June 8, 2018

We all will agree on fact that hairs are the most important part of appearance as it enhances the personality. Hence, we all keep on searching for hair care tips. But before you search or apply any hair tips, you must know about two important factors that are responsible for hair growth.


Derived from the ‘Gonads’ which imply the testes or the ovaries, Gonadotropins are our little wonders of hormonal magicians which indirectly effect the hair growth. This is equally responsible to create a havoc to the overall growth of your hair along with other set of hormones called the ‘Progesterones’. However, when behaving rather well, the hair hormone rewards you with envious mane of thick, luscious hair. The Gonadotropins are responsible for boosting hair growth, as they produce the FSH and the Luteinizing hormones. These hormones are in turn directly responsible for your hair fall or hair growth.


These are the male sex hormones and are responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics in men, like their body and facial hair growth. However, this particular hormone is also present in females in trace-amounts. However, the excessive production of Androgens leads to increased facial and body hair, they are also singly responsible for the Pattern-baldness in both males and Females. So, if any of you girls have recently spotted patchy-baldness, get hold of a nice Endocrinologist and get to the root of the problem.


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