Drastic Growth of India’s Online Retail Sector – Why It Has Escalated All Of Sudden

March 30, 2018

With the entry of enormous names in e-Commerce such as Amazon and Alibaba, the competition is getting stronger. These international players came up to India with deep pockets to drive the Indian ecommerce market to the next level. These international brands are said to have strong domain knowledge and best practices from their global experience. Furthermore, these corporations are market elements, where they have seen the development in ecommerce market gradually as well as they are know the major challenges and strategies to tackle issues. The Competition between these websites is expected to continue, which includes experimenting different ways to attract customers and increase traffic online.

In India, the retail sale has increased from USD 635.25 billion in the year 2013 to USD 717.83 billion in 2016. The online retail sector of India registered the net growth of the sector by 13%. By the year 2015, the sector is supposed to grow by 14% and touch USD 818.33 billion. The total retail volume will grow by 14-15% by the year 2019 and touch USD 1,244.58 billion.

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