DIY Projects – Best Customized Gift to Give To Your Near and Dear Ones

March 7, 2018

We love to gift customized things to our friends or girlfriend/boyfriend. Giving a mug with a quote or photo in it is an old idea. Here you will find the unique way to express your feeling towards your loved ones.

Wooden Wall Hanging

All that you need is some colors and a wooden plank. Take the plank and paint it from the color of your choice.

I preferred brown color as a base color and white color as the font color.

You can write the birth date or a quotation or anything else that you want to hang on your wall.

Wooden Nameplate

Another best way to use a worthless wooden plank is by converting it into a beautiful name plate.

Similarly you can make anything out of a waste wooden plank and goft it to your dear ones.



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