Delhi HC Directs Police to File Status Report in Mehul Choksi Case

February 20, 2018

On Tuesday, Delhi High Court has asked Police to file status report in the case against Mehul Choksi. The next date of hearing is said to be 3 May.

On the other hand, Choksi’s lawyer said that Choksi is the head of the company and he is not responsible for contracts between the subsidiary company and a franchisee. Thus, police cannot file FIR against him.

However, further in this case, Nirav Modi wrote a letter to bank, where he has requested the bank to support his intention and efforts to repay debt. He has also claimed that his liabilities are much less than the reported amount of Rs11,400 crore. Although there is no authenticity of the letter that is being circulated on instant messenger networks, yet a reliable source have said that this is genuine.

He has also quoted in his letter that the overzealousness of bank may end up by closing the doors on his ability to clear the dues. Nirav Modi also pegged the money his companies owe to the bank and this was under Rs 5,000 crore. Nirav Modi had also stated that his relatives booked in the cases filed by CBI have nothing to do with the case.

He went on saying that the over- anxiety of bank to recover their dues immediately, despite his offer has destroyed his brand image as well as the business. As a result he is now restricted to pay the dues as there is a trail of unpaid debts.


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