Daler Mehndi gets bail quickly after an arrest, Twitterati cracking up

March 16, 2018

Daler Mehndi has been found guilty in the 2003 human trafficking case by a Punjab Court. Daler Mehandi and his brother Shamsher Singh were suspected to take 10 people as a troupe to America and dropped them off illegally. The brothers were also charged for a huge passage money to help people to take to America illegally. In 2003, a case was filed at the Patiala police station by a man named Bakshish Singh, after which the most detailed were come out.

His conviction was not as shocking as the news that came just after that. You will be stunned after hearing about what happened just after he proved to be guilty. The singer got bail just a few minutes after his sentencing. This made everyone disappointed. People started drawing fire at twitter, some are very disappointed whereas some wanted a change in the judicial system. Some also mock the decision. Check out what Twitterati is saying about the court decision:







By: Anurag Panchal

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