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September 14, 2018

Almost, all guitarists find hard to create some outstanding guitar licks as they allow their hands to outrun their brain. They allow their fingers to play fast rather than allowing their brain to create some good guitar solo ideas. Thus, making the best music choices and creating new guitar licks becomes hard. If you also lie under the same category, then this is the right post for you to read as it embraces some secrets that many guitar players do not know.

Keep two things in mind if you want to become a better improviser.

  1. Give your brain more time to think 

During your guitar solo, you need to give more time to think. Even if you are playing fast you can think before playing. This way, you can make the best musical choices in your guitar solo and absolutely express yourself.

  1. Reduce the number of things you think about.

You need to immediately, reduce the number of things that you usually think about. This way you allow your brain to focus more on music and can have more fun, while playing guitar. Because of your deliberate mind, your skills get sidetracked. It is not hard to reach the same level of mastery with a focused mind.

Following are a few tips that will help you in being a better guitarist:

  • Set Yourself Up For Success

You must never wait too long to plan for the next phrase. Never, think about the next lick when you are on the last note of the current lick as this will leave you with very less time to decide what to play next. Always think about your next lick, prior itself. When your hands are plays Phrase A on autopilot, then that is the time to free up your conscious mind to make the best musical choices for Phrase B.

  • Get More Out Of Each Phrase

Usually, many of you play each phrase only once and move on to create a brand new guitar lick immediately. And you continue doing this process for your entire guitar solo. You need to keep in mind that creating brand new phrases continuously is a big challenge for your brain. This will make hard to play guitar with emotions.

Hence, you need to create lots of variations on each guitar lick that you improvise. This way, you will get lots of time to think about what to do next and will help you to play each guitar lick with the best possible phrasing. You can improvise your lick artistically.

Following are some great ideas to create guitar phrasing variations:

  • You must repeat the phrase again and again with different rhythms, but keep all the pitches the same.
  • You must repeat the phrase, but remember to change its notes by keeping the rhythm the same.
  • You may change some of the rhythms as well as pitches.
  • You need to change how the vibrato is applied.
  • Remember to sequence the phrase up or down the scale. For this you need to embrace advanced fretboard visualization skills.


Hope these tips will enhance your skill and will allow you to improvise the guitar licks.


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