Cochin Shipyard Is Expected To Do Better In Terms Of Revenue

March 26, 2018

The CMD of Cochin Shipyard, Madhu S Nair, has stated in an interview that the business momentum of the company seems to look strong. The ship repair areas of both defence and non- defence are doing well.

The CMD of the company also stated that the company is repairing approximately 80- 100 vessels in a year in Cochin Shipyard operations. The turnover of the company in financial year 2017 was at around Rs 550 crore. However, the total gross turnover of the company was Rs 2,058 crore. This was record turnover till now.

The company’s CMD also went on saying that it is expected that the company will do even better than last year in terms of turnover.

He went on saying that there could be a big ticket ship repair order in year 2019. Nair also expressed that it is expected that the company may receive order size of around Rs 100 crore.

Nair also said that all the defence projects are through tenders.

He also informed about the order book of the company and said that the ship repair business order book is around Rs 400 crore.

It is expected that the company will grow with 12 percent year on year growth rate.

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