Can I Add Upma in My Diet for Weight Loss

June 12, 2018

If you are looking to lose weight then you need to plan your breakfast each day wisely. Out of many Indian breakfast diet recipes, Upma is best for weight loss. Rava, which is used to make upma, is very nutritious. Thus, the upma made of rava is surely a healthy breakfast option.

Following are the health benefits of upma made of wheat rava.

  1. It Digests Slowly

When Upma digests slowly, then there is an advantage as it will keep you full for long. Hence, you need not have to snack on anything else.

  1. It is Good for Immunity

Upma is good for immunity as there are lots of vitamins present in wheat rava. Basically, Vitamin B and E in it fortify your immune system.

  1. It Keeps You Energetic

All the health experts believe that upma keeps you energetic. You can get some fibre content as well, if you add enough vegetables to it.

  1. It is Good for Kidneys

Upma made up of wheat rava contains potassium, which is good for your kidneys. This enhances the function of your kidneys.

  1. It is Good for Your Heart

Upma is also a healthy option for your heart as it is rich in nutrients. It also contains selenium, which is said to be good for your immune system.



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