Can Diabetics Also Keep Fast on Navratri

October 12, 2018

In our country, Navratri is one of the most festive times. Fasting is an essential part of Navratri celebrations. Many fasting rituals are followed by people in different ways but if you are diabetic then you must follow certain rules. Even you can keep fast on these holy days but you need to be careful. Read these tips carefully.

  1. Being diabetic you need to follow your normal diet during fasting on Navratri. Only your cereal is replaced with other alternatives like kuttu aata or singhara aata.
  2. During fast, protein sources are only milk and paneer.
  3. You can also have barley as part of Navratri fasting. This is excellent for people with diabetes.
  4. Another cereal grain used during Navratri fasting is singhara flour, which is full of nutrients. It has low to medium glycemic index and thus diabetics can have them safely during Navratri fasting.
  5. Potato is also included in Navratri fasting. Diabetics should be careful that they don’t eat potato as a vegetable. They can replace roti with potato and have it with curd and a vegetable salad on the side. It makes for a complete meal and you don’t need roti.


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