Bigg Boss Tamil 2 – Hosted by Kamal Haasan – Opens on High Note

June 19, 2018

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 hosted by Kamal Haasan has caught its rhythm. However, in the last season, it was seen that Kamal tried to be funny with self-indulgent jokes which was followed by a dull affair of introducing contestants. Some of the contestants seem to be unsure or really unenthusiastic about being locked up inside a house for about 100 days.

But season 2 took a high note. In this season, Kamal knew exactly what he wanted to do and what was expected of him by the audience right from the start. The superstar has shown a lot of clarity, sarcasm, resolve and confidence.

When he was asked that why he is hosting this television show, he answered that this show gives him an opportunity to talk to so many people including his fans.

Surprisingly, he also made it clear that he will be talking a lot of politics during his episodes on the show. He went on saying that there are lot of things for him to accomplish together and he got a lot to say. Thus he will use this platform for this. People may call it as self-interest but he said he consider it as a public-interest.

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