Bet You Did Not Know About These Makeup Hacks

June 18, 2018

Tip 1#

Apply Dense Mascara

By applying lots of mascara, you make your eyes pop instantly on days when you haven’t had a minute of sleep. Your eyes appear bigger and mascara draws attention away from the baggy dark circles. For more dramatic look and dense eyelashes, you can try using baby powder between coats so it acts as a layer for the next layer to sit on. If you want to let it last all day then invest well in mascara!

Tip 2#

Exfoliate Skin before applying makeup

Before you get ready for party, you must take you 15-20 minutes to exfoliate your skin. You will get soft and smooth face to apply makeup on. It is advised to exfoliate once a week, otherwise you will end up with dry and irritated skin. You can also use mild exfoliating face scrub. This can be used every alternate day if you face pollution every day.

Tip 3#

Replace Blush with Lipstick

If you are in hurry and getting lazy to open the blush pad, then take some lipstick onto your fingers and smudge it on the hollows of your cheeks once you pucker your lips. Now, gently rub the product around to lighten the effect for rosy blushed cheeks. It will help you experiment with a lot of blush shades and saves money on buying an extra product.



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