Bet No One Would Have Ever Thought Of Wearing Such Hat- Asshat

January 25, 2018

Have you heard about the asshat or speaker hat yet? If no, then you are here at right place. Being a tech warm person, you must know about the most interesting hat launched by Atari.

What is Asshat?

The asshat is a hat with two embedded speakers and one microphone. You can simply connect your Smartphone with hat through Bluetooth. This is perfect amalgamation of fashion and gadgets. People who like to wear hat and has deep love for music must get asshat. All the hat-wearers, who love to stay tuned with their favorite songs, can buy this hat soon.

The amazing benefit of this hat is that you will not annoy your neighbor, or person sitting next to you while traveling. The Asshat is an alliance between Audiowear and Atari.

Why would a giant gaming company want to invent asshats?

The reliable source of Atari informed media that Speakerhat is part of a strategy shift for the company. The asshat is the primary full range of connected personal devices that allows all the society’s intersection of entertainment, technology, as well as social connectivity.

Soon the Atari will also be releasing a limited-edition Blade Runner 2049 of Speakerhat, for asshats. Mainly the Speakerhat is targeted for the people, who play music too loud on public transportation. However, the company have stated that the asshat is been marketed to the musicians, skaters, sports fans, and fitness enthusiasts. That means people, who love to hear music comfortably without plugging any headphones or cords, must buy this device presumably. This can also be a fine way to make people jealous at the gym, while wearing a hat with speakers.

Atari announces this device as fundamentally new social audio experience that can be called as synchronicity.

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