Best Wishes to Shah Rukh Khan on his 53rd Birthday – Few Unknown Facts about Him

November 3, 2018

Shah Rukh better known as the King of Bollywood brings a wide array of characters to life on celluloid. While Shah Rukh Khan has done over 80 Bollywood films, there many feature films with him as the lead but lesser-known as compared to his other commercial movies. On his 53rth birthday, let’s have a look at unheard Bollywood movies of Shah Rukh Khan.

  1. Owns property on the Moon

One of SRK’s fans from Australia buys him a piece of land on the moon from Lunar Republic Society on his birthday every time. And she has bought him several acres on The Sea of Tranquility which is one of the most sought-after address on the moon.

  1. SRK has a crazy Los Angeles fan

His fan from Los Angeles called Paige Wilson makes clay statues of everything and anything SRK does.

  1. Gave his award to Salman Khan

In 1998, he won the Zee Cine Award for best actor but to everyone’s surprise he called  Salman Khan on stage and handed over the award to him and asked him to deliver the thank you speech instead.

  1. Obsessed with 555

All of SRK’s car have the number 555 and also many of his staff has the number 555 in their mobile phones.

  1. He is Dr. Shah Rukh Khan

He has received a honorary degree in recognition for his acts of philanthropy, altruism and humanitarianism and his global reach as an actor, from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. So, technically he is Dr. Shah Rukh Khan.

  1. Wealthier than Hollywood actors

He has been named among the top five richest actor in the world multiple times, which means he is richer than actors like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood and Adam Sandler.

  1. His role in giving us Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor has himself admitted in a couple of interviews that it is SRK who spotted him in Shamak Davar’s troop and motivated him to take up acting.

  1. Didn’t read DDLJ’s script 

He signed what probably is his most iconic film DDLJ without even looking at the script. He did this out of his love for filmmaker Aditya Chopra.


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