May 4, 2018

In India, Ultra Violet index keeps high even on least sunny days, sun protection becomes a necessity rather than fancy. Thus it is recommended to apply sunscreen on your exposed skin, to stay safe from harmful rays.

  • Safe Sun Whitening+ Active Tan Prevention Crème SPF 50 PA+++

This is best sunscreen with SPF 50 and PA+++ like the UV Screen Matte Gel. This lotus sunscreen has medium density as well as creamy texture. To make it suitable for all skin types the company has designed it moderately. The cream is neither too oily nor extremely matte. It embraces double action formula, which help you in preventing the skin from darkening.

  • Safe Sun Anti-Ageing, Anti-Tan Ultra Sunblock SPF 100+ PA+++:

If you want extreme sun protection from your sunscreen then this is the product is for you. This SPF 100+ sunscreen is a tinted cream with a smooth texture. It gets into the facial skin when applied in proper amount without any ghost-white cast. This also helps in fixing some of the common skin concerns. Some of them are premature skin ageing, excessive melanin formation, and skin tanning.


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