Beauty Secrets of Korean Models for Flawless Skin

May 30, 2018

We all know that the Korean girls are known for their flawless and acne free radiant skin. Here are some of the beauty tips and regimen the Korean girls follow for acne free radiant skin to look so beautiful all the time.

  1. Use of Honey

Korean girls make use of honey in medicines, in ceremonies and even in skin care treatments as it has cleansing properties. Honey acts as a perfect cleanser. Thus, it is fixation of many problems. They revealed that raw honey can also be applied on the face for exfoliation. It is a part of beauty routine. You must also drink warm water with honey every morning to clean your body and boost your immunity. With this you will get flawless glowing skin free of acne and scars.

  1. Three Step Cleaning Process – CTM

Every skin expert suggests cleaning skin with this three step cleaning process once in a day. You must clean, tone and moisturize your skin almost every day. Always clean skin with yoghurt/honey/milk and then tone with honey/rose water and moisturize with a face pack. These days, you can get readymade face packs that look like paper masks. There are several flavors like, green tea, honey, grapes etc. Thus, you may apply these face mask to retain the moisture content.

  1. Apply Frozen Milk Cubes

If you have oily skin then you must try applying frozen milk cubes during scorching summers for skin care. Freeze raw milk in ice tray. Now, apply the cubes on clean skin. Even, this can be applied as a cleanser. During winters, apply it at room temperature.


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