Arnab Took A Dig At SRK’s Profits. Got An Epic Reply From King Khan

February 23, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan and Arnab Goswami need no introduction, they two are the most popular personalities in our country. While Shah Rukh Khan has a great fan following and almost 3 decades long and successful Bollywood career, Arnab Goswami is loved for being an extremely gutsy and bold journalist.

It’s not possible that they come together and did not get headlines. Well, they did come together for an event in Mumbai and guess what, something happened between the two that caught the headlines.

While Bollywood’s Badshah was speaking, Arnab took a dig to him, but Shah Rukh Khan gave him a great reply. If you are thinking it created the temperature of the event high, but nothing happened like that, all the thing was on a lighter note.

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Shah Rukh Khan was speaking about creative content creators, filmmakers and media, how they can collaborate to encourage brave content against the negative forces.

Taking down a peg at Shah Rukh Khan, Arnab said, “you started by saying that you are not a businessman, but content creator and still you mentioned the word “profit” 3 times in the last 5 minutes.”

The question was put in at SRK in a soft spot, but he credibly answered him and said, “Gurbat mein creativity nahi hoti, Main hamesha sab ko bolta hu, First get rich than become a philosopher.”

Have a look at the video-

We all know that Arnab can hold anyone’s tongue during debates, but this time the table was turned. This time Shah Rukh was speaking and Arnab was seeking for his turn. Interesting!


By: Anurag Panchal

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