Android – Oreo 8.O– And Its Special Features

May 14, 2018

The Android O 8.1.0 is the eighth major version of the Android operating system. The latest release of the operating system was on 1st of May 2018. This post will be depicting some of the new features of Android O that are not owned by any other mobile operating system.

Let’s get started with the advanced features of upcoming Android O;

  1. No Lock-screen quick replies

Only the Android N beta, Google allowed the feature of super-quick lock screen replies without even entering any password or pass code. Initially this feature was designed in Android O but later on it was deleted because of the security reasons. Thus, feature of lock screen quick replies will not be there. However, direct reply on the lock screen will be present in Android O. The developers were trying to find the balance between security and usability but large numbers of users are unaware of the security inferences.

  1. Enhanced Bluetooth audio

You might have faced some issues with Bluetooth audio earlier but now in Android O, you can smoothly enjoy Bluetooth audio. The development team is about to enhance the service in Android O beta. Android O’s engineers have been working to rectify the issues in Bluetooth audio.

  1. No Blobs! Funny Emoji

Google will be removing the blob Emoji in new mobile operating system. It seems that, the blob was holding back the expansion of Android emoji. In last few years, it is seen that Unicode has expanded the range of emoji significantly and created new types of emoji. However, the existing design system is not supporting the expanded emoji set as well as these new use cases. But soon a significant visual refresh will be done. With this alteration of new emoji Android OS update will be done.

  1. Name – Oreo

The names of android series are more exciting than its release. Android O engineers have refused to drop out of the box.


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