Analysts Recommend Holding Kalpataru Power

December 4, 2017

The Market Expert is of the view that one may hold Kalpataru Power as the charts of Kalptaru Power are looking good.

One must hold on to Kalpataru Power.

When the company is analysed fundamentally, it is believed that the for both the financial years 2018 and 2019, probably one could look at possibly booking a little bit of profits around say Rs 500 odd levels. The kind of order book and the kind of power distribution a kind of assets it owns and the kind of earnings trajectory are analysed fundamentally.

From the long term perspective, market experts believe in holding Kalptaru Power. At that time a little bit of profit booking is advisable.

The kalptaru Power is trading at all-time high, it has given a beautiful breakout at closer to Rs 400 zones. Where it goes higher, is difficult to say but this kind of up move normally also tends to get in some kind of a consolidation.

Kalptaru Power Trasmission was incorporated on 23rd April, in the name of H T Power Structure Private Limited. Later on, it was converted into a public limited company on 20th December 1993 and fresh certificate of incorporation for the change of name to its present one was issued on 4th January, 1994, by the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat.

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