American Skiing Phenom Mikaela Shiffrin Took Her First Gold of the Winter Olympics 2018 – XXIII Olympic Winter Games

February 15, 2018

Winter Olympics 2018’s opening ceremony was an elaborate show of light, sound and dance amid frigid temperatures in PyeongChang, South Korea.

It was reported that Mikaela Shiffrin was given an unusual piece of advice before she won her first Olympic gold medal four years ago. She was advised to keep her gold medal in a sock. This strange totka worked for her, and she won another gold medal in Thursday’s giant slalom by 0.39 seconds.

Shiffrin is 22-year-old American skiing phenom. Shiffrin is a virtuosic technical skier, but winning the giant slalom was not a sure thing.

As per the reports, Shiffrin ripped down the mountain in 1:09.2 to give herself a 0.39-second cushion and guarantee herself at least the silver medal.

In an interview, Shiffrin told that there were moments when she thought, that she does not know if she is good enough to do this. But then she thought “Who cares? You gotta try”.


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