Amazing Health and Skin Benefits of Lemon

March 20, 2018

As it is known that there are many uses of lemons juice so I have decided to mention some of the amazing health benefits of lemon.

  1. Curbs Bad Breath

Lemon can solve your dental problems like toothache or bad breath. All that you need to do is just apply lemon juice to the painful area. Once you are done, you will notice that the pain has vanished. For bad breath you can swish some lemon juice

  1. Hair Highlighting:

Do you want saloon worthy highlights at home? if yes then all you need ¼ cup of lemon juice and 3/4th cup of water rinse your hair with this mixture and sit in the sunlight until your hair dries up.

  1. Remove Warts:

You can remove warts easily with some lemon juice just apply some lemon with a cotton swab at the affected area and keep repeating for several days until the warts gets completely dissolved.

  1. Lighten scars:

With a Q-tip apply lemon juice to your scars and it will lighten them overtime leaving your skin clear.

  1. Stomach issues:

Lemon water can treat an upset stomach. The healthiest drink ever

  1. Clear Skin:

Add some honey to ½ a lemon and rub it all over your face to keep your skin clear and glowing

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By: Neha Singh

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