August 3, 2018

No metal is more luxury like the swanky beast of Germany’s most popular car known as the Audi. Not only it’s a luxury branch of Volkswagen Group, but also it’s amongst the most sought-after cars among the younger demographic obsessed with luxury brands. Having unique & competitive designs in the industry, Audi is considered a bestseller having achieved over $58 billion in revenue in 2015. While the Audi started to get famous in the new markets as well as in other demographics, there are still so many things you don’t know about Audi. So let’s dive in;

The Audi Name

Audi was a name suggested by a child? It was the time August Horch owned the business, and he was struggling to come up with the perfect name as he was not allowed to use his name. So finally, he called up the meeting of his closest friends to discuss. One of his friends’ son was playing around nearby and expressed his dad to input his suggestion as well. Finally, that little kid came out with the name ‘Audi’. Coincidentally, it turned out to be the Latin word that means ‘hear’.

The Four Rings

Have you ever thought about what exactly Audi’s four rings represent? It reflects the merger of the 4-companies that made up Auto Union: Horch, DKW, Audi, and Wanderer. If you can find the pictures from World War II, you’ll see that the Auto Union uses the similar branding now as they did earlier. Even though that badge was used on Auto Union sports cars.

At that time, all these four companies used their emblems on the cars they manufactured. Now you can realize how terrible the confusion would have been. But luckily, there weren’t too many car manufacturers at that time so that the confusion would have been mild.

Left-Hand Drive

At the Berlin Motor Show, Audi introduced the type K in September 1921. Till that time, Audi used to have pre-war designs on all of its cars. And when the type K was introduced, it was the first post-war designed that left people awestruck. Perhaps that’s the reason why its considered to be the most advanced cars of that time.

With the top speed of up to 95 km/h, it was known to be the first German car with the left-hand drive. Being first of its kind, Audi K was indeed a revolutionary feat. In fact, it went so successful due to its function & popularity, and it became the standard in all cars from the 20s.

While having the Audi, you’re dealing with the most sophisticated vehicle that not only reflects your personality but also adds up to your class. Therefore, make sure that you keep the vehicle up to date and look after its regular maintenance. When it comes to its maintenance, make sure you don’t procrastinate it and take your car to the best Audi Service Dubai.



By: Taimoor Khan

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