After ICICI, Now Make Payments of Axis through

March 15, 2018

After ICICI Bank, now Axis Bank is all set to partner with WhatsApp to process payments. At present, the WhatsApp is going through integration. It has also undergone successful beta version trials. Whatsapp is now in the test phase of its payments process. It is expected that the app will be using Unified Payment Interface for processing payments.

The Executive Director of Axis Bank also stated that in UPI, they are the market leaders in terms of innovation. Hence, the team believes that UPI is a huge opportunity. They are also trying to create a differentiated environment for the users.

There are various other operators through which digital transactions can be carried out these days. Some of them are Google and WhatsApp. These Apps need the help of some bank partners to carry out the process of fund transfers. Earlier, WhatsApp has also tied up with ICICI Bank in this regards.

The Executive Director of Axis Bank also informed that the Bank owns 20 per cent market share in the UPI space. He also went on saying that the bank has been working on similar payment interfaces with Google Earlier.

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