Add Anti-Gravity Workouts to Your Fitness Regime

August 3, 2018

The latest fad among the fitness enthusiasts is the anti-gravity workouts or also known as aerial exercises. They have been around for some time but people have started paying serious attention to them now, Celebrities like Sushmita Sen, Malaika Arora and Virat Kohli have been practicing these workouts. It is a challenging fitness trend which is being embraced by many around the world.

These exercises require one to work against the gravity. This engages the core and helps maintain a flat stomach. Apart from this, it increases the ability of the body to recover from the injuries faster. In anti-gravity workouts the smallest of the muscles are brought into action.

One can start with exercises as easy as pull-ups. Other exercises involve elevated push-ups. In this either hands or the legs are placed on a higher platform as compared to the rest of the body. They work the shoulders and chest. Jump squat is another exercise that adds to the functionality. It is a basic squat but with a jump.

The workout regimes are fun when they keep evolving. These exercises help in increasing the strength of the body.

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