9 August-International Day of World’s Indigenous People

August 9, 2018

9 August is observed every year as the International day of world’s indigenous people after its inception in 1994 by the General Assembly of United Nations. It was started to protect the rights of the indigenous population around the world.

It also marks the various contributions made by the indigenous population to the world like ecological security. Due to loss of their lands, many indigenous people have been migrating to urban areas for better prospects of education, life and employment. They have to face multiple challenges in urban areas including lack of access to public services and discrimination. This year’s theme Indigenous Peoples’ Migration and Movement has been chosen to protect their rights after their migration to urban areas.

In India, 9 August is celebrated as Adivasi Diwas in different states. Adivasi make up 8.6% of India’s population or that is also equal to 104 million people. In West Bengal the day is celebrated as Adivasi Dibas. In India, indigenous people are given reservation for jobs in government sectors, educational institutions. They are also given funds for healthcare and skill training. It is important to uplift them as all-round individuals.

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