5 Ways How High Heels Affect Your Health

February 14, 2018

We all want to wear a perfect, pointy pair of 4-inch heels that makes any outfit look great. However, with this style you may have to suffer a lot. You might have heard that high heels have the stigma of being bad for health and comfort. But, women ignore this saying and continue to wear high heels even if they are not comfortable. Several studies have shown that these towering shoes can be costly in many ways. Following are some of the reasons that scream that you must stop wearing high heels at any cost.

You will Suffer from Joint Pain

Unlike flat foot wears, heels lack any significant shock absorption. Wearing heels also stops your foot from naturally rotating as you walk, since they are forced into a straight and unbending position. It causes the knee to absorb the brunt of every step, which can lead to severe joint pain. Due to this, your ankle also absorbs some of the shock as well, so do not be surprised if a long day in heels leaves your joints feeling stiff and sore.

Shortened Achilles Tendon

One of the most dangerous side effects of wearing heels is this.  It is proven in one study that women who wear heels over a long period of their lives actually shorten their Achilles tendon. Heels cause a physiological change in the muscles and tendons around the ankles. Thus, when you are not wearing heels, then you may feel immense pain and stretching.

Lower Back Pain

You might be thinking that wearing heels is a must, while standing and visiting with other attendees for several hours. But because of this you may suffer from severe pain in lower back. This is because heels actually cause your pelvis to push forward when you walk or stand, placing tremendous pressure on the lower back and causing lingering pain.


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