5 Things to Keep In Mind While Training Your Dog

February 12, 2018

You can successfully train your dogs by just keeping these simple tricks in your mind. Since dogs are enthusiastic students hence it is easy to train your dog at your home itself. You can start teaching good manners to your puppy from the time you accept him as part of home. In many ways you can train your dog. Teach him instructions like how to greet new friends without jumping and how to wait for dinner gently etc.

  1. Engage with your dog.

Do not just keep training your dog every time. Dog training must be just one of the things that you do in a particular day. You must spend quality time with your dog by playing with him. By doing so, you are making good relationship between both of you.

  1. Train your dog in calm place.

While training your dog, you must make sure that the place where you are training should be free from any kind of distractions as dogs can get easily distracted. If you want him to concentrate completely on training then make sure that you are doing it in a place free from distractions.

  1. Try to know your dog better.

You must be aware of the best timing to train your dog as there are certain times of the day when your dog is more active. Some dogs like to take naps during the afternoon. If your dog is one of them then you can train him in the morning or in evening after his afternoon sleep. When you feel your dog is full of energy then only you must teach him tricks.

  1. Keep record of time in your training sessions.

In most cases, dogs can put their full attention towards masters for a time of 15 minutes only. Therefore, you must not go beyond that time period in training your pet, since he may lose his focus. So it is best to schedule small training sessions in a day in order to make it more effective.

  1. Be the leader.

Dogs obviously follow a leader in a crowd. So, you must establish yourself as a leader, in order that your pet would follow your commands. Setting up your dominance does not mean that you have to hurt or beat your pet.


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