3 Proven Benefits of Coconut Oil That You Must Not Be Aware Of

March 19, 2018

  1. Controls Hair Loss

In case you have wondered what makes coconut oil so good for your hair, here is the secret. Coconut oil contains certain fatty acids which hold the hair together and prevents it from breaking as it seeps in deep into your scalp and provides the nourishment that our hair needs. Its also great for hair growth as I said before as it makes your hair grow longer and thicker.

  1. Natural Skin Moisturizer

Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer and can even beat your store bought winter creams on those cold winter days. Apply a small amount on your palm and gently massage it onto your skin. Not only will it leave your skin feeling moisturized, but it will your hands feeling super soft. This has to be my no 1 among coconut oil benefits. It does not smell or have a bad odour neither do they cause any reactions as it is 100% natural so it can be used all over your body as well. But make sure you purchase organic extra virgin coconut oil for best results.

  1. Natural Makeup Remover:

As mentioned in an earlier post on makeup tips, coconut oil works as a great make up remover. Think of the amount of money you could save. Its pretty self explanatory. It is recommended to take some coconut oil on a dry wipe or cotton and then massage it all over your face. This way you can easily rip off the make up. Even the waterproof mascaras don’t stand a chance in front of coconut oil. Wash off your face with some cold water and your face wash and you are done. This technique is so underrated and so effective.

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By: Neha Singh

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