3 Cancer Causing Foods That You Might Not Be Aware Of

March 23, 2018

In this post, you will get to read about the three foods that causes cancer. It is scientifically proven that these foods increase the risk of causing cancer.

  1. Soda

Study proves that people who consume more than one soda per day have a higher risk of stroke than people who do not drink sodas. Soda is full of sugar as well as lots of calories. This causes weight gain and are one of the main reasons for developing obesity. Consuming access of soda will result in both inflammation and insulin resistance. Soda has been shown to be very bad for your health and cause cancer.

  1. Potato Chips

Surprisingly, potato chips are also in the list of harmful foods. The negative effects they have on your body may not be worth it. Chips are high in both fat and calories. Thus this results in weight gain. Apart from this, potato chips are full of trans-fats. Access consumption of trans-fat causes high cholesterol. It also has excessive sodium level that causes high blood pressure for many people.

  1. Low Fat Milk or Butter

Various diet foods or frozen foods that are labeled as “low fat”, contain aspartame, which is harmful chemical for body. Various studies have proven that aspartame causes many diseases and sicknesses like cancer and heart problems.

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