25 Epic Combos To burst You Into Laughter, Surely Make Your Day

February 20, 2018



The 25 hilarious epic combos that will not let you stop from laughing.

See the combos right here:

  1. Anu Maalik and Anu Naukar1
  2. Sachin 5-Dulkar and Sachin Ten-Dulkar2
  3. Rani Mukharjee and Kani Mukharjee3
  4. Anushka Sharma and Anushka Aur Sharma4
  5. Boman Irani and Boman Iraqi5
  6. Saif Ali Khan With Helmet and Un-Saif Ali Khan Without Helmet6
  7. Minnisha Lamba and Minnisha Chhota7
  8. Shah Ruk-Khan and Shah Bhaag-Khan8
  9. Sunny Deol and Rainy Deol9
  10. Simi gre-waal and Simi Black Baal10
  11. Shekh-Awat and Shekh-Jawat11
  12. Reteish Deshmukh and Reteish VideshMukh12
  13. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Kadak Singh Yadav13
  14. Queen Eliza-Beth and Queen Eliza-Khadi14
  15. Isha Copykar and Isha Paste Kar15
  16. Ro-Hit Sharma and Ro-Defense Sharma16
  17. Kaali Khan and Gauri Khan17
  18. I-Shant Sharma and I-Gussa Sharma18
  19. Dimple Kapadia and Pimple Kapadia19
  20. Kimi Cut-Kar and Kimi Paste-Kar20
  21. Ajay Dev-Gun and Ajay Dev-No-Gun21
  22. Hashim Amla and Hashim Badam23
  23. Abhi-Still Bachchan and Abhi-Shek Baachchan22
  24. Juhi Chawal-La and Juhi Sabzi-La24
  25. Arjun Rampal and Arjun Sitapal25

This is all enough to make your day, isn’t it?? Fans please don’t mind,lol.


By: Anurag Panchal

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  1. hilarious!!!… waiting to read more

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