2 Most Important Technical Indicators That Every Trader Must Know About

October 5, 2018

When a person indulges himself into the activity of trading stocks, he dreams of earning quickly a huge profit. Captivating dreams in his eyes of earning money and living luxurious life, the traders may take wrong steps while trading in stocks. For winning maximum profit out of stocks, traders must know how to implement the technical indicators, oscillators and stop losses.

Here are two most important technical indicators that every trader must know about.

  1. Money Flow Index

Technical analysts and traders implement Indicators on charts. One of the significant indicators is Money Flow Index. This technical indicator is implemented alone on chart to obtain the best tips but many analysts use it in combination with other basic indicators. Gene Quong and Avrum Soudack founded Money flow index indicator. This indicator uses both price and volume in order to measure buying and selling strength of signals. The strength of signal will indicate whether it is right time to buy and sell.

  1. Absolute Price Oscillator

Many indicators are defined to generate accurate intraday cash tips. Traders implement different strategies and indicators on charts to obtain best intraday trading tips. In order to implement these indicators effectively traders trusts advisory firms. Money Classic Research is one of the best advisory firms in terms of trust and reliability. Technical analysts of these advisory firms use various indicators, out of which absolute price oscillator is one. This is another term for MACD indicator. Gerald Appel brought this into practice for the first time in 1970.


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