You Can Accomplish Healthy Glowing Skin with the Help of Yoga

March 21, 2018

Each one of us desire to have glowing and healthy skin. Some of you may think that to get glowing skin, you need to spend a lot of money on cosmetics but in actual this is not the truth. You can simply accomplish glowing skin with the help of Yoga Asanas.

Yoga has the solution for all your problems

  1. Paschimott anasana

This asana also prevents acne at certain parts of your face. It relieves your digestive disorder and constipation which benefits your skin. Poor digestive system often leads to dull looking skin. Apart from this, it also purifies the blood, improves skin elasticity and reduces the wrinkles.

2. Padmasana

It is recommended to always start yoga with Padmasana. It is also known as lotus pose. It helps you relax your body and preps up for the upcoming yoga series that you are about to do. This pose calms down your brain. It also relieves your stress making it amazing for healthy glowing skin.

3.    Ustrasana

This is a great pose to strengthen your spine. It is said that this pose can work on your core muscles that will help you in getting flat tummy. Ustrasana also improves the blow flow in your head. This help in improving your skin and hair by removing toxins from the blood stream. It makes the skin radiant and glowing.

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